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The Circle Paris Premiere

Paris, France - June 21st, 2017

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What you will need:
Foundation & Concealer
Brown Pencil Eyeliner
Curler & Mascara
Brow Paint
Pencil Lip Liner in Natural Pink
Lip Tint in Coral

Step 1: Apply a sheer coverage foundation with a makeup sponge or a large face brush. Cover any dark circles with concealer.

Step 2: Now using an angled face brush with a rounded top apply your bronzer to your jawline, cheeks, and in a '3' shape on both sides of your face starting at your forehead going down to your chin, follwing your hairline and jawline.
Bronzer should be 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural tone. If you have fair skin look for a honey-colored bronzer, for a medium complexion, choose a rose-bronze or gold flecked bronzer. Dark skin is best enhanced with an amber bronzer.
Lightly dust the bronzer on the inner portions of the bridge of your nose and blend well.

Step 3: Swipe a brow gel over your eyebrows to give them some shape making sure to blend well.

Step 4: Apply a light brown eyeshadow to your lids and line mid-way across your waterline with a brown pencil liner.

Step 5: Curl your lashes and apply one or two coats of mascara.

Step 6: Finally line your lips with a nude-pink pencil. After that apply a coral lip tint and blot well.