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"The Bling Ring" LA Premiere (2013)

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Hair Style Guide

See the hair style guide here!

What you will need:

Sheer foundation

Colourless brow gel
Shimmering pink cream-based eye shadow
Silver eye shadow
Volumizing mascara
Pink blusher
Red matte lip pencil

Step 1: Start by applying a coat of sheer, tone-evening liquid foundation to your skin, blending it well. Cover any remaining visible imperfections with concealer but don't cake it on as you want as much of your skin to show through as possible.

Step 2: Set your brows in place using a colourless brow gel to hold the hairs in place without adding extra color.

Step 3: Blend a cream-based eyeshadow in shimmering pink across the lid and under the lower lash line. Accent this with a bit of silver eyeshadow.

Step 4:Curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of black volumizing mascara.

Step 5:Blend pink blush from the apple of the cheek up to the cheeckbone to give you a flushed look.

Step 6:Finish off this look by applying a matte pencil lipstick in a bold red colour.

Adapted from The Fashion Spot