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2013 People's Choice Awards

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What you will need:
Liquid Foundation
Eyelid Primer
Light Cream Colored Eye Shadow
Light Brown/Tan Colored Eye Shadow
Eye Shadow Brush
Eyelash Curler and Mascara
Brown Gel Eyeliner
Light Pink Blush
Lipstick or Gloss in a Berry Red
Lip Liner in a Berry Red (if using lipstick)

Step 1: Apply your foundation to your face, all around so you have smooth base.

Step 2:
a: To each eye lid, apply an eyelid primer. Now take your cream colored shadow and cover 2/3 of your eyelids Relax your eyes and apply your shadow up to the crease that naturally forms. Leave the outer corners of your lids clear. They will be your final 1/3.
b: Now apply your tan colored shadow to the outer corners of your eye making a sideways V where the point of the V goes left. Like this < . Then blend this color into the color that's already on your lids.
c: Go back in with the lighter color and apply more to the inner part of your lids to brighten them up. Now curl your eyelashes, bottom and top, and put on your mascara. Emma wore more mascara on her top lashes so apply a few coats to yours and lightly coat your bottom lashes.
d: Now with your eyeliner place two fingers on your brow bone and gently pull your eyelid up so that you can see your lashline. Then fill in any gaps in your lashes with the eyeliner by lightly dabbing your liner between each eyelash. Do so lightly! If you do too much it'll look messy. Work from the inside (toward the bridge of your nose) out. Donít line your entire eye, just line from about the middle to the end of your lids. Gradually build up the small strokes and dabs until you have a full line. This is called tightlining. Next apply your eyeliner to your waterline.
e: Connect your eyeliner to the inner tearducts of your eyes. If you need to you can pull your nose to the opposite side of the tearduct that you're applying your liner to. This will give you a little bit more room.
f: Now take your first eye shadow color and dab it on your inner tearducts to highlight them. Then with the same color, apply it just underneath your lower lashline.

Step 3:
Now smile! And apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks and then blend the blush upwards towards your browbone.

Step 4:
Now the final step; your lips. If you're using a lipstick, you will need a lip liner in a color that matches your lipstick color as closely as possible.
First line your lips with your liner and then apply your lipstick starting from the middle and working your way out to the thiner parts of your lips.
If you're using a lipgloss skip the lining step and apply your gloss at the middle of your lips and work your way out.