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The Perks of Being a Wallflower London Premiere

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Hair Style Guide

See the hair style guide here!

What you will need:

Tinted Moisturizer
Eyelid Primer
Black Liquid Eye Liner
Black or Eye Pencil
Light pink or Peach Powdered Blush
Highlighter Blush
Eyeshadows in Golds and Browns
Peach or a Darker Pink Lipstick
Clear Lip Gloss

Step 1: Wash your face before applying any make-up! Be sure to moisturize as well!

Step 2: Begin by applying a small amount of your tinted moisturizer evenly to all the areas of your face with a wedged make-up sponge. Next apply concealer to any blemishes or dark circles as needed.

Step 3: Next apply your blush to your cheeks. The blush should be a light pink or peach color. Next apply your highlighter blush lightly above your cheekbones.

Step 4: Now for the eyes. Emma has a light smokey eye. First you will need to prime your eyelids. Take yoru eyeshadows and work them into the socket line (the crease between your brow and eye), not your entire lids. For the best appication, don't raise your eyebrows when applying your shadows. Instead hold a compact mirror and colose one of your eyes. Start with the brown shades and go from the bottom of your lid (where your lashes are) and stop about half-way. Follow with the golden shades and go to the tops of your socket line. Blend the colors together lightly and carefully with your fingers.

Step 5: Apply some mascara to your eye lashes and bottom lashes. Next apply some liquid liner to the tops of your eyelids. For a smoother application mark small dots across your lid and then connect them for a smoother line. After that you will need to take a eye pencil in black and draw on the lower lash line.
Finish your eyes by applying some mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Step 6: Finally it's time for the lips. Put on your lipstick first and let it set. Once it sets apply a light amount of a clear lip gloss. That's it, you're all done!