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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (2012)

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Hair Guide

See the hair guide here!

What you will need:

Face Powder
Peach Blush
Black Pencil Eyeliner
Charcoal Eyeshadow
Black Volumnizing Mascara
Orange Red Lipstick

Step 1: Apply a good layer of face powder, for smooth finish matte on your face. Apply your peach blush to your cheeks. Adding a nice coloring touch to your face.

Step 2: Start with lining your water lines with your black pencil eyeliner, Don't make it too dramatic, but enough to add a kick. Using a slanted brush apply the charcoal eyeshadow to your eyelids. Make it thick on the lid but as you fade out, let it become lighter. Finish off by applying a few coats of your black volumnizing mascara. Fan out your lashes and curl them up.

Step 3: Finish off your look with a nick orange red colored lipstick. Make sure its clean cut and precise. You can even start with lining them with a thin lip brush, and then color them in.