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2016 Met Ball Gala

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Hair Guide

See the make-up guide here!

What you will need:
-:- Medium or Large Foam Hair Rollers
-:- Comb
-:- Bobby Pins
-:- Hairspray

Step 1: Start off this style by either using medium-large foam hair rollers the night before or set aside a few hours to allow the rollers to fully do their job.

Step 2: Either way, after your curls are set take a comb (I would recommend a wide tooth comb if your hair is thick like mine) and lightly comb through your new curls to add some volume. Be sure not to brush through your curl too quickly or too hard, otherwise you'll have a head full of frizz instead of soft curls.

Step 3: Now take about and inch or two of hair from behind one ear and pull it over the top of your head all the way across to right behind your opposite ear. As this section of your hair gets closer to your ear begin to turn it towards the back of your head to help add some more volume to this section. Pin this into place with one or two bobby pins.

Step 4: Apply some hairspray all over your look and you're all set.

For a more in-depth guide to this look, check out this video.