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"This is the End" LA Premiere

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What you will need:

Hair Straightener
Hair Elastic
Bobby Pins

Emma wore a faux bob to this premiere! It may look a little complicated to recreate but it's really simple! This is a great look to wear when you want to change your look without the commitment of cutting your hair!

Step 1: First you will need to straighten your hair. Once you've done that part your hair to the side (if you need to, pin it down) and pull it into a low ponytail and use the elastic to hold it in place. You don't want to pull it too tight. We're going for a soft, loose look here. If you think you'll need it, you can spray your hair very lightly with hairspray at this point.

Step 2: Now pull the your ponytail underneath itself at the nape of your neck. Pin it in place with the bobby pins and you're ready to trick your friends and family into thinking you chopped all of your hair off!