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MTV Video Music Awards September 6th, 2012

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Make-Up Guide

See the hair style guide here!

What you will need:

Hair Elastic
Bobby Pins

Step 1: The Braid
a) Start off by first parting your hair. Pull a few strands loose on both sides to copy Emma's look. Now gather a section of hair from below your right ear. The braid's thickness with be determined by how much hair you gather. Play around with this until you find the thickness you want. Braid the entire section that you've gathered. Emma's braid looks like it's a tight, but not too tight. Again, play around until you find the tightness you want.
b) Finish the braid with an elastic.
c) Pull the braid over your head at the crown and place behind your left ear.
d) Remove the elastic and hold the braid in place with two bobby pins by crossing them over in an X.
f) Repeat these steps on the other side and pull the braid in the opposite direction.

Step 2: The Braided Chignon
a)Now take the rest of your hair and pull it into a low ponytail behind your head. Secure it with the elastic you used earlier.
b) Once the ponytail is secure, create a rope braid. Divide the hair into two sections, twist them both in the same direction, and then cross the two sections over each other in the opposite direction. Finish this braid and secure it with another hair elastic.
c) To create the chignon, pull the rope braid up and around itself, securing with bobby pins.

Step 3: Spray the entire look with hairspray to keep it all in place.