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Bafta Awards 2009 Pre-Party

Feburary 2nd, 2009

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What you will need:

Hair Clips
Hair Elastic

You need to know how to do a dutch braid and a (dutch) lace braid. The second braid is easy if you know the dutch braid which I wonīt try to describe here as there are many videos on youtube and itīs much easier to understand the braiding technique when you see it.
1. Make a deep side part on your left side, in the middle between the top of your head on your left ear. The part should be around 3-4 inches long.
2. Make a second part, starting at the end of first part and going to the right, seperating the front section of your hair from the hair on the back of your head.
Clip the hair from the back of head and the front hair from below the deep side part away.
3. Start dutch braiding the hair that is not clipped away. Start at the side part and keep braiding towards your right ear. The braid should look like a head band.
4. If you arrive at your right ear, stop dutch braiding and continue with a dutch lace braid, adding only sections from the front, not from the back anymore. The lace braid should go around the nape of your neck until you reach your left side. Secure the braid with an easy to unfasten clip.
5. Now we start braiding the hair that was clipped away in the beginning. Make a second, smaller dutch braid on your left side, leaving the hair from the back of your head untouched (same as we did before). After a few rounds of dutch braiding, continue with a lace braid until you reach the first, bigger braid on your left side.
6. Combine the two braids and the hair from the back of your head in a low side ponytail and secure with an elastic. Hide the elastic by wrapping a strand of hair around it.
Thanks polaris!