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HBP London Premiere 2009

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Make-Up Guide

See the make-up guide here!

What you will need:

Thickening spray
Curling iron
A long piece of cord

Step 1: Rough-dry your hair after spritzing it with some thickening spray (e.g. Bumble and Bumble)

Step 2: Next, take a curling iron and curl random sections of your hair, from mid-lengths to ends, to create texture and movement. Then tie a small braid on each side of your head, securing each one with an elastic.

Step 3: After backcombing the hair at your crown to create more texture, take 2cm-wide sections of hair and begin pinning them up. To keep the look homemade and not too perfect, pin the hair diagonally across your head, pinning sections from the right to the left and vice a versa.


Step 4: For the finishing touch, take a very long piece of cord in any colour you want and wrap it around the front of your head to underneath the nape of your neck. Wrapped it around your head a second time, this time a little further back, before knotting it underneath the hair at the nape of your neck. Create a wispy romantic texture by pulling some flyaways out at the sides. Taken from Neil Moodie for InStyle