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Bafta Awards 2009

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Make-Up Guide

See the make-up guide here!

What you will need:

Small Hair Elastics

Hair Spray

Step 1: Start with clean dry hair. Brush it out so it is much easier to work with.

Step 2: Next, part your hair slightly off-center and straighten it in layers. Take a small section of hair on one side and braid it, securing with a small elastic; repeat on the opposite side. These sections should start about two inches up from both ears. Leave these braids alone until finished with all steps.

Step 3: Divide your hair into two equal parts in the back. Cross these sections over each other and loosely roll them in, pinning the ends down against your head. The result should be a looped bun across the length of your head.


Step 4: Take the two braids and pin them across the top of bun. Secure your hair with bobby pins to make sure it won't budge, and feel free to accessorize.


Step 5: Set everything with hairspray.