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Paris Fashion Week 2008 'Giambattista Valli' Spring/Summer 2009

October 3rd, 2008

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Make-Up Guide

See the make-up guide here!
What you will need:
Hair Straightener (if needed)
Large Curling Iron

Step 1: Simple Wave.
Tip: If you hair is naturally straight, try getting it wet and scrunch it with moose once around your head. First start smooth by brushing out your hair. Next you are going to part your hair on the left side of your head, making more hair go to the right. Hair spray your part. Then with a large curling iron, curl large amounts of your hair. Don't hairspray yet. Then after you have curled all of your head in very large curls, hairspray it, wait about 5 seconds, and then comb or brush it very very gently. This will give you a nice wave.