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Christopher Kane Spring-Summer '09 Fashion Show

September 17th, 2008

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Make-Up Guide

See the make-up guide here!
What you will need:
Hair Straightener
Brush or Comb
Hair Tie
Bobby Pins

Step 1: A sophisticated pony-tail.
To start, you will need to straighten and comb out your hair. Brush it until it is smooth and soft. Part your hair on the left side of your head. Hair spray the part. Then, you are going to comb the rest of the hair, so it will all be straight to the back, and pull it up to a pony-tail at the top of the back of your head. Put it back in a hair-tie. Then, you will hair spray any extra baby hairs down against your head so your hair looks sleek and flat. If you need to, pin any hairs up. With the bangs you are going to pin the excess hair behind your right ear to the hair behind your ear so it will not fall onto your face. Finish off with hairspraying again, and flattening your hair more. Comb out your pony tail and make it smooth.