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Cartier International Polo Match

July 27th, 2008

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Make-Up Guide

See the make-up guide here!
What you will need:
Bobby Pins
Hair Clips

Step 1: This style requires your hair to essentially be separated in to five main sections so to start, separate a section at the top of your head, pinning it away from the rest of your hair.
Step 2: Use your fingers to separate another section to the right side of your head, that should rest level with your ears and leaves some hair at the bottom that can used later. Twist this section of hair around tightly before pulling it back slightly and pinning in place with hair grips that match your hair colour.
Step 3: Repeat this on the left hand side of your head.
Step 4: Now divide the hair left at the base of your neck in to two sections, clipping the left side out of the way for now. Brush hair through to make it smooth before twisting and pulling up slightly to pin the twist in place.
Step 5: Repeat this step with the left side and the hair at the base of your neck you previously clipped out of the way. Leave a few strands loose to make the style look a little less polished.
Step 6: Now concentrate on the top section of hair that you clipped out of the way in the very beginning. Brush through to make smooth and then twist. Start the twist from the bottom of the section of hair, as if you were curling it over a curling iron, so that by the time you reach the top of your head the twist is hidden underneath. Pin securely in place with hair grips.
Step 7: Secure with a generous spritz of hairspray.
Step 8: Part your hair to the left and, taking the majority of your fringe/bangs, pull back to the right and secure in place with a hair grip. You could use something plain like Emma or something more decorative if it's for a special occasion.
Step 9: Push any remaining pieces of hair behind your ears, letting them stay loose.
thanks errol