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June 23rd, 2006

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What you will need:
For Option #1
Hair Elastics
Wide Tooted Comb
For Option #2
Curling Iron

You can create this style one of two ways, depending on how 'crimped' you want the style to be.

Option 1
1. The night before you want to create this style, wash your hair and dry with a hairdryer until your hair is about 90% dry.
2. Take small to medium sections of hair and make lots of loose plaits, securing with hairbands.
3. The next morning, take the plaits out, running your fingers or a large toothed comb through your hair to separate them and give definition. Don't use a hairbrush through them because this will make them go static!
4. Spray with hairspray and use your fingers to create a bit more volume before pushing your hair behind your ears, parting your fringe/bangs to the left.

Option 2
1. Use a curling iron on day old hair to create loose, easy curls on medium sections of hair.
2. Separate with your fingers to add definition and then spray with hairspray to hold.
3. Part your fringe as before.
thanks errol