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Driving Lessons London Premiere 2006

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What you will need:

Comb or brush
Heat protection spray
Thin hair band or Alice band

Step 1: Start with dry, clean hair. Part roughly in the centre, allowing your fringe to fall forward on your forehead. Spray your hair with a heat protection spray all over.

Step 2: Separate the bottom layer of your hair from the top, clipping the top section up out of the way. Separate a section approximately 2 inches thick and straighten out with your straighteners. Flick the ends very slightly to give a slight wave as you straighten. Repeat this across the bottom layer of your hair. Continue to separate layers of your hair and straighten in sections.

Step 3: Comb through your hair with a brush to smooth out. If you have a full fringe, straighten this roughly and then comb through so it is smooth. Fix with hairspray and put on a thin hair band. Thanks to errol for the tutorial!