Style: The Circle Promo

Hello everyone! We’re back up and running! Thank you for being so patient with us! Juliet and I are excited to continue working on guides and other features of for you all to enjoy!

Today I have the final guide for Emma’s promotional tour for her film, The Circle. I hope you all enjoy this guide! The next set of guides that I’ll be working on are Emma as Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

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Open Construction

Hello all of you! It has been many years since I have been working with the staff of Sassy. For those of you who do not remember me, I am Juliet, one of the original owners of Sassy. Dessi and Sarah have done such an amazing job keep the website maintained and updated. I have doing my fair share of checking up on the site and have been pleased to see how popular it still is.

To get to the point, I am sure many of you have noticed that there was any issue with the comment section of the website. Unfortunately, to avoid possible virus infections or other annoying computer sicknesses, I had to reinstall our wordpress files. Luckily, the entirety of the guides were on a seperate part of the servers and were not affected. Our updates and main website content did get purged with it, however.

Moving forward, Sarah and I will be continuing to keep Sassy updated as well as updates to come. I can tell you that we have many idea’s in store for the website and hope you are all very excited. In the meantime, please pardon our dust as we get the main site pieced back together.

TL;DR – Juliet’s back. System bug caused us to reset. Pardon the current layout issues.