Sassy! Carol 2018 Has Begun

Hello all and happy December! Today I have a very exciting announcement! This year’s Sassy! Carol has officially begun! Look to the right! See that little square? That’s new! That will take you to the new Sassy! Carol page!

I know we’re a little bit behind schedule. Unfortunately some personal issues in our real lives got in the way and this project had to take a little bit of a backseat. But it’s here now so I hope you all enjoy what we’ve got in store this year!

Quick note: If you missed out on our early Facebook voting event, you can still cast your vote on Day 1 of Sassy Carol. Voting ends on December 18th this year! You can vote once every day until the end of the voting period so keep coming back to cast your votes!

Much love to you all!

Sarah and Juliet

Style: 2017 Candids + Sassy Carol Early Voting

All right! The 2017 candids section of the site is completed with these two guides! I hope you all enjoy these guides!

Early voting for Sassy Carol 2018 has begun on our Facebook page! If you want to get some early votes in for your favorite Emma looks head on over, like the page and ‘react’ to the image posts found on the page. Continue reading Style: 2017 Candids + Sassy Carol Early Voting

The Sassy Carol – 2018

Hello everyone! As you can see we have a new header!

I am so pleased to announce that we will be doing The Sassy Carol this year! I hope you are all very excited. For those who are new to the site since we last did this in 2012, we will be doing a 25-day celebration of Emma Watson’s style. Each day we will be posting to social media and the website with surprises.

Also, while we are getting ready for this event, I want you guys to give me a Christmas list. What are some things you would like to see in The Sassy Carol? What are some of your favorite memories of Sassy Carol?

I hope you guys are very excited about the coming weeks.


Style: Coveteur Magazine Photo Shoot

Today I was looking through some of the older sections of the site where I saw that there are some guides missing from various parts of the closet that need to be made.

I’ve wanted to work on some of those older guides so today I started off by completing the two guides for Emma’s photo shoot with Coveteur Magazine back in 2017 where she posed in her own home wearing her own pieces.

The photos that were released from this photo shoot are only busts and head-shots so these guides are shorter than what is typical for photo shoots. But I hope you all enjoy them regardless.

See you all again soon!
Continue reading Style: Coveteur Magazine Photo Shoot

Style: Interviewing Reni Eddo-Lodge

Hello all! Today a new video was uploaded where Emma interviewed author Reni Eddo-Lodge for Emma’s virtual bookclub, Our Shared Shelf. I wanted to make this guide very quickly before continuing on with the Belle guides. I hope you all enjoy this quick guide. This look is very easy to recreate and could be worn to a variety of occasions. See you all again soon! Continue reading Style: Interviewing Reni Eddo-Lodge