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You can currently view the guides as they are. This system will no longer be active after our re-launch, but you won't want to use it after that anyway since you will have an entirely new set up to use.

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July 1st, 2019

Sassy! Dress Like Emma Re-Launch

Updated by Juliet • May 17,2019

Since 2005, Emma Watson fans have been coming to Sassy! to dress and style themselves just like Emma. From Premieres to Candids, our extensive guides gave everyone the chance to break down each outfit. In 2009, we went through a complete site rebuild and brought Sassy! to it's prime. A little over a year ago, there were a few issues with the website and one thing led to another...and here we a coming soon page again.

In 2019, I (Juliet) Returned to bring Sassy! back to it's prime AGAIN! Not only will I have a new fully responsive website for you to explore, but I will also be launching Sassy's new blog, Live Sassy! Tips and Tricks to help us style like Emma AND all be better as women. A wholesome community that will focus on feminism and empowering stories alongside Emma's style and fashion.

Just one of these many ideas floating around in my brain is a new Weekly Discussion with myself and the community about Feminist Films and films related to empowering women. I want us to become a community that Emma herself would approve of. And that is a community of women Empowering Each Other, all the while using her creative style to curate our own wardrobes. Wouldn't it be fun to try to style from one of the guides together? See how we all turn out?

Personal note: I (as a woman, mom, wife, human, etc...) need community, and I just can't do church. So I thought the Sassy! the community would be perfect to create and the ideas I have I think Emma would approve of. I want us to lift each other up and so much more!

As the site sits now, I am currently upgrading the entire website, lookbook, and guides. There will be an entirely new and responsive website for you to view. One that you can view on your mobile device in the middle of the store for reference!!! (I still can not believe how awesome it looks.) There will be all sorts of new features to the website like a Designer Directory and an Exact Match Gallery.

I hope you are all as excited as I am for Sassy to come back! See you all on July 1st!

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Sassy! is looking for help! Aspiring Bloggers! Make-Up Artists! Feminists! Ever wanted to be part of the Sassy! Team? We are looking for dedicated Emma Watson Fans interested in helping other women by sharing style how-to's, empowering stories, and lifestyle tips! Please email: