Vanity: Jimmy Fallon 2012 Hair

Hello again! I was looking through the vanity portion of the site and noticed that we had the makeup guide for Emma’s 2012 appearance on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon but we were missing the hair guide to go with it. So that’s what I’ve got for you today!

This look is a simple, yet elegant, french twist that can be worn with a variety of hair lengths to both formal and casual events. I hope you all enjoy! Continue reading Vanity: Jimmy Fallon 2012 Hair

Style: First G7 Advisory Committee Meeting

Hello all! Today I have the first new guide of 2019! Emma news has been slow lately but we’ve finally got a new appearance from our favorite lady! On February 19th Emma attended the first meeting for the G7 Advisory Committee For Equality Between Women and Men! She wore a lovely blazer and pants suit combo by ALEXACHUNG with a pair of bright yellow heels and pulled her whole look together with some light gold accessories.
I hope you all enjoy this guide! It feels so good to be back at it with a brand new style guide! Continue reading Style: First G7 Advisory Committee Meeting

Request: June 9, 2016 Hair

Hello again all! Happy February! To kick off this month I’ve got another requested hair guide for you all to see! Back in 2016 Emma was seen leaving the Chiltern Firehouse in London with a simple hairstyle.

This look can be worn to work, any smaller formal events you may have coming up, a beach party, or even while running errands. It’s that versatile! I hope you enjoy! Continue reading Request: June 9, 2016 Hair

Taking Vanity Requests

Hello all! Once again I’d like to wish you all a happy 2019! In the new year I’d like to create more vanity guides for you all!

Please let us know in the comments below if there are any hair or make-up guides that you’d like to request for us to make and post this year! We’ll keep a list of each requested guide and see how many we can complete this year!