Sassy! Carol 2018 Has Begun

Hello all and happy December! Today I have a very exciting announcement! This year’s Sassy! Carol has officially begun! Look to the right! See that little square? That’s new! That will take you to the new Sassy! Carol page!

I know we’re a little bit behind schedule. Unfortunately some personal issues in our real lives got in the way and this project had to take a little bit of a backseat. But it’s here now so I hope you all enjoy what we’ve got in store this year!

Quick note: If you missed out on our early Facebook voting event, you can still cast your vote on Day 1 of Sassy Carol. Voting ends on December 18th this year! You can vote once every day until the end of the voting period so keep coming back to cast your votes!

Much love to you all!

Sarah and Juliet