Style: 2017 Candids + Sassy Carol Early Voting

All right! The 2017 candids section of the site is completed with these two guides! I hope you all enjoy these guides!

Early voting for Sassy Carol 2018 has begun on our Facebook page! If you want to get some early votes in for your favorite Emma looks head on over, like the page and ‘react’ to the image posts found on the page. Continue reading Style: 2017 Candids + Sassy Carol Early Voting

The Sassy Carol – 2018

Hello everyone! As you can see we have a new header!

I am so pleased to announce that we will be doing The Sassy Carol this year! I hope you are all very excited. For those who are new to the site since we last did this in 2012, we will be doing a 25-day celebration of Emma Watson’s style. Each day we will be posting to social media and the website with surprises.

Also, while we are getting ready for this event, I want you guys to give me a Christmas list. What are some things you would like to see in The Sassy Carol? What are some of your favorite memories of Sassy Carol?

I hope you guys are very excited about the coming weeks.