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First G7 Advisory Committee For Equality Between Women and Men Meeting

February 19th, 2019 - Paris, France

Emma attended the first G7 Advisory Committee for Equality Between Women and Men meeting along with other influencial activists. She wore an ALEXACHUNG Floral-Jacquard Blazer and Trouser Set with a pair of yellow ankle strap, open toe heels, a black camisole underneath, a pair of golden hoop earrings, a golden necklace with a flat, circular pendant with her name etched on, and she carried a Lala Lexa Sima Clutch in Clear Crystal for a touch of modern style.

Creating your Look! To recreate this colorful look start off with a single breasted blazer and a pair of straight leg trousers in a deep green color with some sort of jacquard print. Try to a find a set with as close to a matching print as possible. You could also go for a small polka-dotted style for an easier time. Underneath your blazer you'll want to wear a camisole in black. It looks like Emma's is made of silk so you could wear a top in a smiliar material like velvet or satin.

After you've got your top and trousers squared away look for a pair of ankle strap heel with an open toe style in bright yellow for an added pop of color.
Accessorize with a pair of golden hoop earrings on the larger side and a medium length chained necklace with a small and flat circle shaped pendant. Finally find a pair of golden rings in two differnt style. The first should be a wider banded ring with some sort of gems or rhinestones in varying reds and pinks. Your second ring should have a thinner band and be a simplier design.
Finish off your look with a box clutch in a clear material like PVC or acrylic. If you'd like a little bit more privacy, you can carry a tinted bag.

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