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Beauty and the Beast

Final Scene

In the final scene, Belle wore a beautiful white ball gown covered in floral appliques along with a pair of floral heels, another jewel encrusted pinky ring, and she pulled her hair back with a white floral hair comb.

Creating your Look!
To recreate Belle's final look you will need a long sleeved ball gown with floral appliques in pastel pinks and oranges. Look for a dress with chiffon as the main material. You sleeves should be made from a thin layer of chiffon while the bodice and skirt should be made up of several layers.

After your dress you will need to find a pair of white heels with a floral print or design. Belle wore period centric Louis heels with her dress. A good way to recreate that look is to wear a pair of heeled booties in a floral or lace-overlay design with a shorter, thicker heel.
Finish off by accessorizing with a hair comb with small white flowers or pearls and jewel-encrusted pinky ring.

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