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Beauty and the Beast

"Something There"

This scene took place outside in wintertime. Belle stayed warm in a lovely red and white look consisting of a red long dress, a white apron with a floral print, a red bodice vest, and a hooded cape with a drawstring closure. Belle finished off with the same pair of tan lace up ankle boots and accessorized with the same red jeweled encrusted pinky ring.

Creating your Look! For this look you will need a few pieces. First, a long dress in a burgandy or deeper pink color. Second, a hooded cape in a matching color lined with white floral patterns. Third, a pair of ankle boots in tan.
Belle also wore a bodice vest over her dress. This may be more difficult to find a good match of so you could ommit this piece. To mimic the look of Belle's apron you can wear a long white skirt with a small floral print over your dress.

What Belle Wore

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