The Beginning

Sassy! evolved from the now closed Emma Watson fansite, Always-Emma.Org; it was then a unique and very popular section of A-E.Org aptly titled Get the Look (GTL) that was up for nearly two years.

However, one thing lead to another and soon there was no room or time for GTL. It was rarely updated more than twice a month, and the layouts were atrocious.

Meanwhile, Always-Emma.Org wasn’t a peachy experience either; the bandwidth amounts during summer 2004 forced us to move to a new, much more expensive host, we became a target of the Anti-Emmas, and the galleries were far behind it was all too much.

The only thing that was still enjoyable to do was Get the Look, and after a few weeks of strategizing, a plan was made to remake and reopen the site, through another name, honing on the fashion aspects of A-E.Org and nix anything unecessarily time-consuming Presto! Sassy! was born.

The InBetweeners

After this time until October 2009 there were a few different owners of the site because everyone became pretty busy. So here is a list of past owners of the site (if we have missed someone in this list please email us to let us know!):

  • Nel
  • Jen
  • Amy
  • Ana

The Big Revamp

As of October 2009 Jen handed the site over to Juliet, who owned Daniel Radcliffe Network and used to run TrioNetwork; she also had a graphics site, Vogue Inc.! Juliet then asked friend Megan, owner of Magical-Menagerie, Lewis Lovers and Sworn Obsessions, to help her out as co-web. Megan had been a member of the Sassy! Forums since August of 2007.

Together Megan and Juliet did a total revamp of the site complete with new and improved guides, a new layout and a new location for the message boards, Vogue&Chic!

The Now

At the moment, Sarah and Dessi, who started as guide helpers, are fully in charge of running, updating and revamping the site.  Please bear with us, and if you have any inquiries or offers, don’t hesitate to contact us!