Do you want to help with Sassy? You can contribute to the site in general or in the fashion section!

Helping Sassy! (In general)

– Getting the word out about Sassy! (grab a button here) is something very helpful and highly appreciated (please do not hotlink–that is, copy the button and just paste it somewhere else. Download it or copy the url and upload to any image-hosting site).

– If you are a fabulous graphics designer, and would like to create a fabulous banner for Sassy!, Vogue&Chic or even buttons, contact us!

Helping with the fashion section

– Head to the Vogue&Chic Forums if you’d like to help find matches to Emma Watson’s outfits, or you could of course contact us or leave a comment in the posts if you have any other information regarding Emma’s clothing.

Any of these is greatly appreciated!