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Style: Elle (UK) Photo Shoot

Hello again everyone! I finally finished it! The first photo shoot guides of 2017 are complete! There are a total of 7 guides in this set for you to see and enjoy! I had a lot of fun making these for you, but man, did they take a lot out of me! Maybe I’ll wait a little bit until I work on some of the larger sets of new guides. I’ll probably move on to some one outfit guides for now and come back to the photo shoots a little later! πŸ™‚ I’ll start working on the BatB Shanghai Press Conference guide after a short break!

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Style: 02/19 Paris Candid

Hi gals! This weekend I’ll be working on the Paris leg of the “Beauty and the Beast” promotional tour. Hopefully I’ll get them all done and you’ll see them over the next few days.

Today I have the guide for Emma’s look while arriving in Paris. The outfit isn’t just comfortable and perfect for travelling, but it’s also worth noting that Emma and her team are continuing to make an effort to support sustainable and eco-friendly brands, working closely with Eco-Age. You can follow Emma’s new Instagram the_press_tour to find more about the pieces she’s wearing!

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Style: Screening of “The True Cost”

Emma debuted her new short hairstyle on Tuesday as she attended and co-hosted the Eco Age screening of the documentary “The True Cost” at Marks and Spencer. She wore classy, consciously produced items that make for a great winter outfit. Enjoy the guide!

I’ve also updated a candid guide from 2012 with an exact match for Emma’s distressed jeans; many thanks again to Romina! 😘

And I have some news for you: based on the responses to our survey, many of the people who voted would like the forums back. Sadly, though, the votes altogether aren’t that many and the activity on the forums was really low. I don’t think bringing them back would give us enough traffic for our host to let us keep them indefinitely. However, we have a Guestbook now! The Guestbook is obviously much simpler than the forums, but it will allow you to interact with us and other fans. You can share matches, links, pictures and do most of the things we did on the forums, and you can even use a search function. I hope this is a nice replacement and you guys want to use it 😊

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Revamps: Elle UK (2011)

Hello again everyone! How have you all been? Today I have another large set of revamped guides! This time it’s Emma’s photo shoot with ELLE (UK) in 2011! Emma was styled in a variety of different looks for this photo shoot! I believe that Desi revamped the first guide a while ago. I decided to finish the rest! There’s also a new guide that we didn’t have before! So that’s a total of 8 revamped guides! I hope you all enjoy these!

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