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Style: UN Women Events

Hello all! How have you all been? I’m so sorry for my long absence from the site. I caught a nasty cold that knocked me out of commission for a long while and on top of that I had midterms at school and work… But I’m not ill anymore and I’ve also got some free time coming up this month and next so hopefully I’ll be able to update the site and create more guides for you all soon!
So! Today I have two lovely guides for you all to see featuring a classic black and white combination. First, in September, Emma met with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau wearing an outfit perfect for any professional situation. Second Emma traveled to Malawi, South Africa where she met with young girls that now have the opportunity to go to school.
I hope you all enjoy these two guides! I have one more guide to revamp from the ‘Award Ceremonies’ section of the site to work on so I’ll try to get that finished and posted as soon as I can!

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Style: IMPACT University Parity Report Launch

Hi everybody! I’m sorry for the lack of updates; both Sarah and I have been busy! Emma had two big events on September 20th: another UN Conference and the 2nd anniversary of the HeForShe movement. Today I bring you the first look, which is very formal but chic. I haven’t changed the Seasonal Favourites yet just because these two looks are very appropriate for the season, so I wanted to wait until the guides were posted. Bear with me! I’ll try to have the other one done by next weekend. Hope you’ll like this and have a nice Sunday!

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Style: Malala Yousafzai Interview + 10/30 Candid

Hey everyone! Have you all been well? Today I have two new guides for you all! First I have an new candid from October 30th where Emma was spotted in New York City. The other guide I have for you all is the outfit that Emma wore during her interview with Malala Yousafzai at the Into Film Festival in London on November 4th!
I hope you all enjoy these two guides! I’ll be working on more candid guides soon! In the meantime, have a great rest of your weekend! Stay happy and safe!

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