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Style: Davos Appearances

Hello again all! Today, as promised, I have the latest appearance guides for you all! Recently Emma traveled to Switzerland to events for HeForShe. First was the Impact 10x10x10 Gender Parity Report and the second is a dinner party that Emma attended the following day. Both of these looks are very chic and easy to recreate! I hope you all enjoy these two guides! I’ll go back to revamps for now, at least until we have more new looks to make guides for! Have a happy and safe weekend everyone! Continue reading

Style: Screening of “The True Cost”

Emma debuted her new short hairstyle on Tuesday as she attended and co-hosted the Eco Age screening of the documentary “The True Cost” at Marks and Spencer. She wore classy, consciously produced items that make for a great winter outfit. Enjoy the guide!

I’ve also updated a candid guide from 2012 with an exact match for Emma’s distressed jeans; many thanks again to Romina! ?

And I have some news for you: based on the responses to our survey, many of the people who voted would like the forums back. Sadly, though, the votes altogether aren’t that many and the activity on the forums was really low. I don’t think bringing them back would give us enough traffic for our host to let us keep them indefinitely. However, we have a Guestbook now! The Guestbook is obviously much simpler than the forums, but it will allow you to interact with us and other fans. You can share matches, links, pictures and do most of the things we did on the forums, and you can even use a search function. I hope this is a nice replacement and you guys want to use it ?

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Style: Regression Press Tour – Last day

Hi gals!! Finally had some time to finish the guide for Emma’s second outfit on her last day promoting Regression in Madrid. Such a fresh, Summer-y look! I hope you enjoy it and can recreate it!

I’ll try to work on the guide for Emma’s latest candid next, hopefully we’ll be able to find more exact matches by then.

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Style: Regression Photocall

Hi everyone!! I finally completed the guide for Emma’s outfit during the Regression photocall in Madrid last Thursday. The look is a mix of mature and fun, with a lot of little jewellery details.

Next I’ll be working on the last outfit from the press tour, and then back to revamps unless there are new appearances! Sorry if the updates go back to being a little slower. Have a nice September!!

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Style: Regression Press Tour – Days 1 & 2

Hi everyone!! As I mentioned, Emma is currently in Madrid promoting her new film, Regression, which means she’s doing quite a few interview rounds. Today I have the first three guides; one from Wednesday, the first day of promotion, and the other two are from yesterday. Next I’ll be working on yesterday’s photocall and today’s round.

It’s worth mentioning that Emma and her style team are making an effort to work only with companies that share a commitment to eco-friendly and humane design, and artisanal craftsmanship: “Inspired to consider the whole process of creating a fashion look, we are thinking about all the people, pieces and moving parts! This rack includes designers that are considering local craft and production, artisan skills, the environment, sustainability and the longevity of fashion!” (from her stylist, Sarah Slutsky)

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