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Style: Esquire UK (2016) Photoshoot

Hi everyone! This week, Emma appeared on the cover of Esquire UK along with Tom Hanks to talk about feminism in the April 2016 issue, and I have the guides for the three photoshoot pictures released so far. All the exact matches were found by us; please credit us if you want to share the info somewhere else. I’ve also added the exact Maiyet bag Emma is carrying in this guide. Enjoy!

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Style: ELLE Spain Photo Shoot

Hello again everyone! I’ve decided to post the three guides that I’ve created for Emma’s most recent photo shoot: ELLE Spain. Emma appeared on the subscriber exclusive cover. I’ve decided to post the three guides that I’ve created because we’ve gone a few days without new photos from the shoot popping up. This led me to start thinking that those are the only outfits (there are five photos that make up the entire shoot but only three of the shots are different looks). If new shots appear or if new exact matches are found, I’ll add them to the set of guides! Hope you guys don’t mind that…

In other news, I’ve been working on a large set of various revamps from different sections so my next post will have a lot of different guides for you all to see! Until then!

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