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Style: UN Women Events

Hello all! How have you all been? I’m so sorry for my long absence from the site. I caught a nasty cold that knocked me out of commission for a long while and on top of that I had midterms at school and work… But I’m not ill anymore and I’ve also got some free time coming up this month and next so hopefully I’ll be able to update the site and create more guides for you all soon!
So! Today I have two lovely guides for you all to see featuring a classic black and white combination. First, in September, Emma met with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau wearing an outfit perfect for any professional situation. Second Emma traveled to Malawi, South Africa where she met with young girls that now have the opportunity to go to school.
I hope you all enjoy these two guides! I have one more guide to revamp from the ‘Award Ceremonies’ section of the site to work on so I’ll try to get that finished and posted as soon as I can!

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Style: Esquire UK (2016) Photoshoot

Hi everyone! This week, Emma appeared on the cover of Esquire UK along with Tom Hanks to talk about feminism in the April 2016 issue, and I have the guides for the three photoshoot pictures released so far. All the exact matches were found by us; please credit us if you want to share the info somewhere else. I’ve also added the exact Maiyet bag Emma is carrying in this guide. Enjoy!

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