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Revamps: HP&DH Pt2 – UK Premiere and After Party

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but to compensate, I decided to revamp two old looks that are perfect for any fancy holiday parties you might have this season: Emma’s looks at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premiere, and the After Party for that event! Both are gorgeous looks, aren’t they? Enjoy, and I hope you’re having a nice holiday season!

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Style: Talk Show Revamps x 3

Hi gals! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately! Today I have the last three revamped guides from the Talk Show section: The Today Show and MTV News in 2009, and The Today Show in 2010. Next I’ll be revamping the press junket interviews, which are mainly half guides (and really poor quality, so that’ll be tricky), unless there are new looks to work on. Enjoy!

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