Style: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Keeping with the US promotion of Beauty and the Beast, Emma appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show last week, wearing a pink and black Oscar de la Renta outfit, and I have the guide for you! Next up is the L.A. Premiere!

As a side note, I know commenting isn’t hip anymore, apparently, but we’d really appreciate some interaction from our regulars and newcomers. Working on the site is fun, but it takes time and for me at least it’s not a priority, so I’d love to hear from people to know if what we’re doing is seen and minimally appreciated 🙂

4 comments on “Style: The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

  1. Anne Reply

    Hey! I know I never comment anymore, but I do love all of the guides you and Sarah do . I so appreciate the work you put into the site! I’m sure it’s super busy with the promo, but thanks for keeping it up! 🙂

  2. Neve Reply

    Same here! I’ve been a fan of this website for more than a decade, keep up the good work, you are awesome! It must be so busy right now but your work nicely completes Emma’s press tour instagram, I get a lot of inspiration on these pages…

  3. Gemma Reply

    yeah thanks a lot for all you guys do. I’m a HUGE fan of emma, and I’ve been regularly coming to this website for a while. It’s the best:)

  4. Dessi Reply

    Thank you so much!! I’m happy to see that people from before still enjoy visiting us, and it’s always great to hear back from you! It’s a lot of new guides to make, but it compensates for a long of time when we didn’t get many new appearances, lol.

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