Revamps: 2011 Candids x6

The first revamps of the candids from 2011 are up! I have a total of 6 guides for you all!
First, Emma visited Daniel Radcliffe in New York in April. In July Emma was spotted arriving to a hotel in London.

The third and fourth are from August in Santa Monica, California! Fifth: Emma is back home in London for a few days! Finally she returns to her classes at Oxford University!
Enjoy these revamps everyone! I’ll keep revamping 2011 candids for now!

Style: Pre-BAFTA Dinner Party

Hi again! Today I have a new style guide!
On February 7th Emma attended the Pre-BAFTA Dinner Party! She looked lovely and chic in an all black ensemble with silver and gold jewelry!
At the moment we don’t have exact matches for her dress and jewelry! When those are found I’ll add them to the guide!

Revamp: Tresor Midnight Rose Ads

Hello everyone! I have a couple of revamped guides today! This time I decided to revamp two guides that I already made! While filming promotional ads for Lancome’s perfume Tresor: Midnight Rose in Paris, Emma was seen wearing two different outfits over two days!

These two guides were one of the first guides that I made after joining the site… And they were rough! Haha! I was just starting to learn all the little tricks that we use! Now that I’ve got almost all of these tricks memorized (sometimes I still have to look at my notes) I wanted to give these guides new life and a face lift!

DH Pt2 Revamps and New On-set Guides

Hi guys! How’s February treating you all? It’s quite hot where I am… not really nice, to be honest! Today I have three revamped guides for Hermione’s style in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (The Battle of Hogwarts, the Epilogue and the first shooting of the Epilogue that got deleted). I also have two on set guides that I kept putting off, both are also from the Deathly Hallows filming period. I hope you’ll enjoy them!
Next up, unless there are new Emma appearances of course, I’ll start revamping the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 guides–that’ll take a while!

Vanity: Women in Hollywood Hair + Make-Up

Happy February everyone! We’ve already made it through the first month of the new year! As I said in my last post, I’ve made a hair guide that we didn’t have.
Emma attended Elle’s Women in Hollywood Celebration back in 2012.
As I was making the guide I double checked and saw that there wasn’t a matching make-up guide either so I made that as well!
I hope you all enjoy these vanity guides!

Revamps: More ’10 Candids

Two more 2010 revamped candids are up! First: shopping on August 28th. Second: Leaving Heathrow airport on September 12th.
Later I’ll be working on an old vanity hair guide that we don’t have yet! I’ve been making a lot of style guides so I want to take a quick break and work on this hair guide!
So watch out for that!

Style: HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10 Campaign

Hi guys! Today I finished the guide for Emma’s appearance at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland last Friday, where she launched the next stage of the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign, IMPACT 10X10X10. What do you think of Emma’s looks as Goodwill Ambassador so far? smile_1.gif
PS: You might have noticed there are little tags in some of the exact matches. That means the items were found first by either of us or we got the tip from one of our visitors or forums members.

Revamps: More 2010 Candids x4

Today I have a set of four more revamped 2010 candid guides!
The first revamped guide is from July. Emma was seen in a Thailand airport on her way home. The second guide is more of a half guide as there’s very little that we can see. Emma was seen leaving Mahiki Night Club in London.
The final two guides are from the same day and city: November 11th. and New York City. First Emma went out to lunch in a restaurant wearing a black mini dress. Later on in the day Emma arrived outside the Late Night Show with David Letterman!
Enjoy these revamps everyone! Hopefully we’ll have more new Emma looks to make guides for soon!