Surprise! New Section!

040915b As I said in my last post I have a very special update for you all! In my last post you saw that I just finish revamping the 2007 candids! One of those candids was Emma’s appearance on a special segment of Access Hollywood! The guide in the candids was for the outfit that Emma wore to go shopping! However, she tried other outfits on while she was shopping with the host of Access Hollywood! I decided to make guides for those outfits too!

Since this is technically a television appearance I wanted to put it in that section but it’s not a talk show appearance. So since we didn’t already have a spot for these guides I made a new one! Say hello to the new ‘Specials and Segments’ section!! Click on to see the three new guides!

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2007 Revamps Done

All right! All of the revamps for the 2007 candids are done!! Today I have the final three revamps for you all! First I have Emma arriving at LAX, second Emma was seen out shopping in LA, and finally I have the revamp for Emma’s outfit while shopping with Maria Menounos for a segment of Access Hollywood!

Up next I have a special set of guides for you!!

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Revamps: First 3 Candids from 2007

040715 Hello everyone! How have you been? Have you had a nice April so far? Today I have first three of the six candid revamps from 2007!

First: Emma was seen in a restaurant in Paris, France with friends in July! Second: Emma wore a comfy look while shopping in New York! Finally Emma was seen shopping in London, England!

I hope you all enjoy these three revamps! I’ll start working on the final three guides very soon!

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Final 2011 Candid Revamps

032715 Hello everyone! All of the 2011 candid revamps are all done! Today I have the final five revamps for you all to enjoy!
Have a great and safe weekend everyone!

I’m not sure what I’ll revamp next but until we get some new outfits to create guides for, I’ll keep revamping what I can!

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Prisoner of Azkaban Revamps

Hi guys!! Sorry for the lack of updates! I’m quite busy at the moment, so you might not hear from me very often unless Emma makes new appearances, at least for a while. Today I’ve got the revamped guides for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, yay! By the way, if anyone has a picture saved of the Primark hoodie or owns it and would be so kind to take a picture, please contact us! The picture in the old guide is awfully small and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else.

Enjoy, and have a great Friday!

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One Quick Revamp

032115 Happy Saturday everyone! We made it to the weekend! I hope you all have been able to find some time to slow down, relax, and enjoy your breaks! To celebrate, I have a really quick revamp for you all! This guide was originally in the 2011 candids section but I decided to move it since it’s a guide of an outfit that Emma was seen wearing on-set of The Perks of Being a Wallflower!

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More 2011 Candid Revamps

031915 All right I’m back with four more revamps for you all! The 2011 candid section is almost completely revamped! It’s exciting!

Enjoy these revamped guides everyone! I’ll keep working on more revamps until we get some new outfits! Have a great rest of your week!

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BBC One’s Red Nose Day Special

031815Hello everyone! I have a new outfit guide for you all today! A few days ago Emma appeared on BBC One’s Red Nose Day Special. She played a character aiming for the position of the next female bishop!
Since this look is a costume I’ve created two versions! The first is a literal recreation and the other is more inspired by the colors and the theme of the costume.
I hope you all enjoy this quick guide! I’ll be working on more revamps soon!

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Style: HeForShe Facebook Q&A

As promised, I just finished the guide for Emma’s Facebook Q&A on feminism and the HeForShe campaing in honour of International Women’s Day! Her look was a mix of formal and edgy, with the culottes and cut-out boots. I loved the shirt, but I’m not a fan of the culottes trend, myself. What did you guys think about it?

Enjoy! I’ll get back to working on revamps, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is next!

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