Revamps x3

050215 Happy May everyone! Have you all had a nice week? Ready for the weekend?

Today I have a set of three revamped candids from 2008 for you all! Almost all of the 2008 candids are done!

Enjoy these guides everyone!

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Revamps – 2007 Fashion Events

  Hi gals! I had some free time yesterday and was able to start and finish these two guides, which are some of my favourite ever Emma looks!
As always, if you happen to have one or more exact matches that we don’t, please contact us!

I’ll keep working on the fashion events from 2008, but… slower this time, lol.

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TV & Fashion Event Revamps

043015 Three more revamps are finished and posted! I have two more television revamps and one fashion event revamp. All three are from 2009!

First I have Emma’s appearance on The Late Night Show with David Letterman. Second Emma’s appearance on The Early Show, and finally Emma attended a private dinner hosted by Rodarte.

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Chamber of Secrets + ToD Revamps

Hi everyone! Again, sorry for my absence! Today’s update is quite short, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. I’ve got two revamps of Hermione’s outfits in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which means the Hermione section is all done, yay! (Well, except for a PoA deleted scene from which I haven’t found good pictures  yet.) A third guide is the promotional shoot Emma did for The Tale of Despereaux in 2008.

Next, to mix things up a little, I plan on revamping the Fashion Shows section! Again, as I’m still busy, my updates will be short but I’ll try to post more regularly.

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04.25.15 LAX Candid

042815 The newest candid guide is up and ready for you all to see! Emma has had a busy last few days! She first flew to NY for the TIME 100 event and then she flew out of NY to LA!

I hope you all enjoy this quick little guide!
As usual, I’ll be working on revamps until we get more Emma news/outfits!

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More Candid Revamps

042715 Hello again! As I said in my last post, I have some more candid revamps for you all today!
All of these revamps are from 2008! The first is from February in London and the final two are from December in California!

We have a new 2015 candid appearance to create next! I’ll be working on that soon!

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04.22 LAX Candid

042415 Hello again everyone! Emma was spotted in LAX Airport after her appearance at the TIME 100 Gala!

Emma looked rather casual wearing a cute nautical themed striped sweater with the same trousers and flats from the candid from the day before. I have some more revamps to upload soon! I hope you all enjoy this candid guide!

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TIME 100 Gala

042315 Phew! I finished it! Hey everyone! Today I have the guide for Emma’s lovely look at TIME’s 100 Gala! Emma appeared at this event to celebrate the 100 Most Influential People in the World picked by TIME Magazine! Emma placed #1 for her UN Work! That’s pretty incredible!

This look is pretty basic but it is very jewelry heavy! I tried to find alternate matches that weren’t too expensive but sometimes I had to go for the more expensive options!
I hope you all enjoy this guide! I’ll be working on the new LAX Airport candid guide next!

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New 2015 Candid

042115c Finally! We have a new outfit! Whoo! Recently Emma arrived in New York City via JFK Airport! She wore a chic look consisting of a black blazer, a black and white striped top, a pair of comfy black trousers, and a pair of ankle strap flats.
Hopefully we’ll get some more new outfits soon! Until then, I’ll keep working on revamps!

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Revamps x2: DH Part 1 Events

042115b All right! I have two more Deathly Hallows related revamps! In November of 2010 the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 premiere was held in London! Emma wore an edgy lace mini dress in black. I have that guide and I also have the revamp for the outfit Emma wore after leaving the afterparty! I hope you all enjoy these revamps!
We finally have a new outfit! Yay! I’ll be working on that guide next!

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