Revamp: 5 More Maire Claire Guides

060915 All right! I have the next five revamped guides from Emma’s photo shoot with Marie Claire in 2010! Only three left!

I hope you all enjoy these revamps!

We’ll see what comes after I’ve finished this set of photo shoot revamps! Maybe by then we’ll have some new guides to create!

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Candid: 06/06/15

060715 Hey gals! Let’s start off the week with a new candid guide!
Yesterday Emma was seen in Edinburgh, Scotland with some friends at an art event! She wore a very warm, layered look that’s very easy to recreate!
I hope you all enjoy this guide! Have a great and safe week!

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Revamps: P.F.W. 2008 – Pt. 1

Hi everyone! Today I have the first two guides from the Paris Fashion Week shows Emma attended back in 2008: Christian Dior S/S 2009 and Balenciaga S/S 2009. The next ones are a little more colourful, but these were fun to work with, anyway.

As always, if you happen to have saved bigger versions of any of the exact matches we have, or matches that we don’t have, please contact us! Have a nice weekend!

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Hair: Noah NY Premiere

060415 As promised I have the hairstyle guide for Emma’s look at the New York premiere of “Noah”! This look is perfect bridal/wedding look! It’s super easy to create and looks lovely!
Enjoy this guide everyone! On to the revamps! Check out the make-up guide for this look in my last post if you haven’t already seen it!

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Make-Up: Noah NY Premiere

053115 Hey all! Today I have a make-up guide for you all! Back when Emma was promoting her movie, Noah, Emma appeared at the New York premiere wearing a bold, bright orange lip with neutral lids and cheeks.
I hope you all enjoy this guide! I’ll work on the hair style guide next and then I’ll go back to the revamps!

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Revamps: two more from the 2008 L.F.W.

Hi gals! I have two more revamped guides from the 2008 London Fashion Week: the Vivienne Westwood S/S 2009 and Fashion Fringe S/S 2009 shows. Once again, Emma dressed mostly in black (some things never change!) but added some really interesting pieces that I hope you’ll be able to recreate. Next up I’ll be working on the Paris Fashion Week guides. Have a nice Friday!

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New Candid – May 19th

052015 Hello again! As I promised in my last post I have the newest candid guide for you all! Yesterday Emma was seen walking in London.

She wore another layered look to help her stay dry and warm in the drizzly London weather.

All right! Back to those revamps!

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2010 Revamp: Marie Claire -First 3

051915 All right everyone! Today I have the first three revamped guides from Emma’s cover shoot with Marie Claire (US) back in 2010!

We also have a brand new candid! Emma was spotted in London, England today! I’ll be putting the revamps on hold so that I can work on making a guide for this new outfit!

I hope you all enjoy these first three revamped guides! I’ll try my best to get the guide for the new candid up as soon as possible!

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