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Wonderland Magazine Photo Shoot

Shot by Kerry Hallihan

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What you will need:
Matte Foundation
Pink Cheek Tint or Liquid Blush
Liquid Eyeliner
Brown Eyeshadow Palette
Pencil Eyeliner
Brow Pencil
Gel Brow Wand
Light Pink Glossy Lipstick

Step 1: Using a sponge or face brush apply a matte foundation, blending well and using a matching concealer to cover any blemishes.

Step 2: Using your fingers lightly apply a deeper rose colored cheek tint to your cheeks in an upward motion.

Step 3: Define your eyebrows using a combo of a brow pencil and a brow gel. Start with the pencil. You may need to use a brow comb to help blend things more easily.

Step 4: Now for easy eyeshadow use a pallete with varying brown tones. Use a lighter color as a base and use a darker medium brown to layer the colors.

Step 5: Now use a liquid eyeliner to line the lower lines of your eyelids and then use a matching eyeliner pencil to line your entire waterline.

Step 6: Apply thick layers of mascara to your upper and lower lashes.

Step 7: Finish off your look with a light pink lipstick with a slight glossy texture and you're all done!