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Elle Magazine (US) Photo Shoot


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What you will need:

Liquid BB Cream
Face Primer
Black Liquid Eyeliner
Khol Pencil Eyeliner
Light Rose Powder Blush
Eyelash Curler and Black Mascara
Matte Nude Lipstick

Emma paired a large, bold cat-eye with a nude lip and a fresh face.

Step 1: Start off by applying your face primer and BB cream evenly over your face with a face brush or a sponge.
Apply some bb cream or concealer on your lids to help your liquid liner and pencil liner last longer.

Step 2: Once your BB cream and primer set apply a light rose powder blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 3: Now it's time for the main focus of your look: the eyes. Start by pulling your eyelid to the side and lining a thin line just above the upper lashes with your black liquid eyeliner. Start at your outer tear-duct. The line doesn't have to be perfectly straight, you'll be using a pencil liner soon and it will all even out.
Go over your lines again, making them thicker. Rest the heel of your palm on your cheek to steady your hand. Notice how the line thickens and rises up slightly just above her pupil. So as you draw your line rise up just a tad and continue down to the edge of your lids.

For the cat-eye, flick the line at your outer corner up and out towards your temple.
Now connect the upper line with your lower lids. Draw the thinnest of thin lines under the eye, again right up against the lash line. You don't need to go over this line a second time to thicken it. Again, end this line just before your outer tear-duct.

The top and bottom line should touch to form a little wedge. It doesn’t need to be a huge wedge or go far out toward your temple.

Step 4: Now take your pencil liner in black and go back over your upper lines and fill in the space between your lids and the line. Quick note: The pencil liner needs to be really thin at that inner corner too, just barely there.

Step 5: Finish off your look with a matte nude lipstick ( LORAC Breackthrough Performance Lipstick in Nude Scene).