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T Magazine (2012)

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Hair Style Guide

See the hair style guide here!

What you will need:

Face Powder
White Eyeliner
Liquid Black Eyeliner
Peach Blush
Light Pink Pearl Lipstick

Step 1: Starting with a clean face, apply face powder to your entire face. You don't want it to hide everything, just make a nice soft base.

Step 2: Now apply the white eyeliner to your lower waterline. This will help your eyes pop with the following step.

Step 3: Using the black liquid eyeliner, put a small dot on the inner corner of your eye outside the water line, and then one about 1/2 an inch from the outer corner of your eye. Very carefully line your eyes following the course of your eye and these dots placed earlier. Start slow and go line by line. Thicken the top line out over the eye lide. You don't want to go more than a quarter of your eye lid.

Step 3: (Optional Add On) In this photoshoot, she has a few variations of the eyes but its all basically the same. Both variations will be a thin line of liner from the center of the eyelid out. You can either run the line parallel to the cat eye string, or run down the side with space between the line and cat eye string to the end dot.

Step 4: Apply a mascara to your eye lashes. A few coats on the top lashes will make the eyes pop more. Don't do more than 2 coats on the bottom lash. You want to let the white eyeshadow do the talking down there.

Step 5: Clean up any flakes or spots with either a fan brush or a damp q-tip and/or powder. Apply a thin layer of Peach blush to the cheek line. Apply your light pink pearl blush. Pearl isn't exactly neccessary but will add a nice semi gloss look to your lips.