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Marie Claire (UK) Magazine Photo Shoot - 2013

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What you will need:
Liquid Foundation
Red Lipstick
Coral Blush
Charcoal Gray Eyeshadow
Eyeliner Crayon or Liquid Liner in Black / Dark Brown
Black Mascara
Concealer (as needed)

Step 1: Apply your foundation to your face, all around so you have smooth base. We can see Emma's freckles underneath her make-up so you should opt for a sheer foundation or a light appliance of a thicker foundation. I would reccomend using your hands/fingers to get the most even and light application possible.

Step 2:
a: To each eye lid, apply your eyeshadow. Emma's looks like a charcoal gray. Cover your entire lids with this color. Be sure not to be too heavy handed.
b: Next take your mascara and coat both the top and bottom lashes. If you want to, curl them to add extra volume.
c: Then take your eyeliner and line your eyes on the lid and the waterline. You'll need to line all the way across your waterline. Again, don't be too heavy-handed! You want it to be light, but still stand out.

Step 3:
Now take your blush and smile a little. With a round brush (or your fingers) follow your cheekbones and lightly apply your blush up and out towards your ears. (See alternate view #1)

Step 4:
Finally it's time for your lips. You will need a red lipstick. I'm assuming that Emma used a shade from Lancome's Rouge in Love Collection. Her lips are a shade of red that has a slight orange hue.