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Vogue Magazine (US) (2011)

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What you will need:

Face Powder
Dark Bronze Eye Shadow
Black Eye Shadow
Gold Liquid Eye Liner
Plum Lipstick
Clear Lip Gloss

Step 1: Starting with a clean face, apply face powder to your entire face. You want your hights on your skin to really stand out in this look.

Step 2: Start with the Bronze Eyeshadow by applying it around the lid and in the creases of your eyes. Form the powder to the corners of your eyes too a wing. You don't want it to be too dramatic, but still noticable. Now apply the back eyeshadow to the lower part of your eyelid. Almost making a nice faded look.

Step 3: Now we are going to line the eyes. Using a veyr thin brush, apply a thin line of black eyeshadow around your eyes NOT on your waterline. Form a very small wing to flow with the eye shadow on the lid. Now take your liquid gold eye liner and apply to your top lash line. Don't be too dramatic, but you want it to give your eyes a nice gold shiny look. Apply mascara to your eye lashes.

Step 4: Taking the plum lipstick, and if you please a small lining brush, and line your lips. You want this to be as smooth and clean cut as possible, so take your time. Once set, take a q-tip and gently wipe of a little of the lipstick, thus creating a light to dark gradiant fade. Don't wipe off too much, only enough to see a brightness change.

Step 5: After completely set, finish the look off with a coat of clear gloss. We suggest to use a brush or the lip gloss tip of the bottle. If it comes with a fuzzy brush use caution as it could wipe off your lipstick, and make your clear gloss not so clear anymore.