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Elle UK Photoshoot 2011

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What you will need:


Cream eyeshadow in stone colour
Eyelashes primer
Black mascara
Eyebrow powder
Eyebrow liquid pen
Brow gloss or clear mascara
Eye gloss or shimmery eyeshadow
Invisible finish powder
Bronzing powder
Nude lip pencil
Nude lipstick

Step 1: Apply foundation all over your face (exact: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation) and concealer under your eyes (exact: Clinique Airbrush Concealer). Highlight large portions of your cheeks, the centre of the nose and above your lips to make it catch the light (exact: Lancôme Eclat Miracle Serum of Light Complexion Illuminator). After this, conceal discolorations, imperfections and redness (exact: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage)

Step 2: Apply cream eyeshadow in a stone colour in your eye socket and underneath, close to the bottom lash line (exact: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Stone)

Step 3: Curl your eyelashes, as these are the focus of the make-up. The effect that you want to achieve is long, thick eyelashes almost dripping mascara. To start off, apply a primer base for extra coating on top and bottom lashes (exact: Clinique Lash Building Primer). Once the primer is completely dry, start applying black mascara by working over your lashes. Work slowly from the roots to the tips, pulling the wand through the lashes and trying to leave behind some lumps of the product. Do this both on your top and bottom lashes, as this is an overloaded look. You can work on some individual portions of lashes with the tip of your wand to separate them and make it look like fake lashes. Keep adding mascara till you’re satisfied (exact: Lancôme Hypnose 'Doll Eyes'). Clear any blots on your skin with a little cotton bud.
Step 4: To make your brows strong and dramatic, you will have to fill and darken them (if they’re not naturally black, of course). Apply eyebrow powder, mixing the palette shades as you define your brows (exact: Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow Powder). Work filling in your natural brow shape, and draw extra hairs at the inner corner with an eyebrow liquid felt pen if your eyebrow isn’t very thick (exact: Suqqu Eyebrow Liquid Pen). Apply brow gloss or clear mascara to make them shiny and stick everything into place (exact: Shavata Brow Tamer).
Step 5: Do some contouring to warm up zones of your skin and define the shape of your face. Before this, brush some invisible finish loose powder in the area where you will use the powder for contouring (exact: Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder). Dip your brush in bronzing powder and apply on your cheeks and around the sides of the temples to warm up and keep shaping your features (exact: Dior Bronze Collagen-Activ Bronzing Powder). While you do this, blend with some more invisible finish powder to avoid a rough and dark contouring.
Step 6: For your lips, apply a nude lip pencil for definition, blending it with your finger (exact: No7 Perfect Lips Liner), and then cover with a nude or really soft pink lipstick (exact: Lancôme L’Absolu Nu in 202 Beige Tulle)
Step 7: For the last step, go back to your eyes. Behind your top lashes, into the corner and underneath you will apply some clear eye gloss with a light hand. For a similar but long- lasting version, you can use a really shimmering eyeshadow instead. Now you're good to go! Based on Lisa Eldridge's tutorial, make-up artist for this shoot. View a video here.