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Burberry Fall/Winter 2009

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What you will need:

Face Powder
Black Eyeliner
Charcoal Eye Shadow
Contour Powder
Nude Lipstick

Step 1: Start off applying face powder all over your face. You want to have a very nice matte look on all of you face so that the eyes can really pop.

Step 2: Using a Contouring Brush and Powder, use a light amount and brush the powder just below the cheek bone. Don't make it too dark. Tip: If you use the number three as your guide, start at the forehead and guide the brush in a 3 motion all the way down the face. Point 1: the forehead - Point 2: Under the cheek bone - Point 3: The Jaw Line.

Step 3: After applying whatever eye base you would like to use, apply the charcoal eye shadow to the creases of your eyes. You don't want them to be too dark, but simply help shadow your eye lid and crease.Grab your black eye liner and line your eyes, not in the waterline, all around the eye. You want the line to be fairly thick and connecting on each corner of the eye.

Step 4: Using a smudge stick or even a q-tip, smudge the eyeliner so that it gives it a faded out look. You want it to look thick around the eye and faded as its going out from the eye. Finish off by apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Step 5: Clean up any flakes or spots with either a fan brush or a damp q-tip and/or powder. Apply your nude lipstick. Her lips have a very pale look to them in this shoot, so you want it to more or less blend with your skin.