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What you will need:

Hair Doughnut (Bun Maker)
2 Hair clamps
Clear Hair Elastic
Bobby Pins
Large Barrel Curling Iron
Golden Ribbon or Stylish Hair Pins

Step 1: Start by brushing your hair through to get rid of any knots and tangles.

Step 2: Using a comb, part your hair right down the center.

Step 3: Section off two inches of hair backwards and pin the leftover front sections out of the way with some hair clips. We'll work on them later.

Step 4: Brush the back portion of your hair, covering your crown. Secure remaining 2 inches in the back with bobby pins or a small clear hair elastic. Remember this is a lovely half-up, half-down look so don't pull of all your hair this pinning.

Step 5:Take the bun maker and place it over the elastic or bobby pins you just used to secure the small ponytail you just made. Pin it in place with bobby pins.

Step 6: Now go back to the pieces in the front. Using a large barrel curling iron twist each section over the barrel and use just enough heat to create the effect that the hair has been folded over itself. Lightly twist these pieces from the ends to about the mid way point and then pin to the back section.

Step 7: To create the bun, first take the ends of the pieces you just pinned and wrap them around the base and top of the bun maker. Then take some other strands from the back and pin them in place over the bun maker. There's really no precise way to do this. Just make sure that the bun maker is hidden and you have some pretty texture.

Step 8: Now take some strands and using your curling iron create some large curls. Pull on them slightly once you're done to give them a more natural look and feel.

Step 9: Finish off with a lightl misting of hairspray to set your look.