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The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon

September 15th, 2012

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Make-Up Guide

See the make-up guide here!
What you will need:
Brush or Comb
Bobby Pins
Hair Mousse

Emma wore a messy french twist to this appearance. This look is simple to recreate and can be worn in both formal and casual situations. This look can be worn with hair lengths ranging from shoulder-length to long, flowing hair. Step 1: Start dry hair. Bump up the top by gathering hair at the crown and combing your hand through before pushing up. Leave some hair free for the part.
If you want a more textured look, rub a mousse on your hands before running your hand through your hair. This will help lift your hair up slightly without weighing it down. You can also tease your hair by backcombing for even more volume.

Step 2: Twist the hair you've gathered in the direction you want your french twist to go. Emma's hair looks like the twist was twisted to the left. While holding the twist in your hand push up again for a little bit more volume and pin in place with bobby pins. This forms the base for the twist.

Step 3: Take the leftover hair that was not pulled into the twist and pull it to the middle of the back of your head and pin it over the twist's base. Secure this hair with crossing bobby pins.

Step 4: Comb or brush the hair on the other side now (the right side if you twisted to the left before) and cover all the bobby pins. Then take more hair in 1 or 2 inch sections and continue to cover the base, pinning as you go.

Step 5: That should take care of all hair above and level with your ears. For any remaining hair, make a small bun and twist it up and under your base, using more bobby pins for a secure fit.

Step 6: Spray the entire look with hairspray and you're all done!