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Elle (France) 2011

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Make-Up Guide

See the make-up guide here!

What you will need:

Strong Hold Mousse
Semi Wide Toothed Comb or Hair Pick
Bobby Pins (Optional Addition)

Step 1: Start with semi damp hair. So it still has some weight bit not too wet to style. Comb all of your hair up and towards the back.

Step 2: Now put plenty of mousse in your hands and rub your hands together to get it even in both hands. Start scrunching and spiking your hair upwards. Use your comb or pick to style it upwards. Keep the mousse and what not towards the roots and a few inchs up. The excess hair is going to weigh itself down. Optional addition: You can bobby pin the sides and backs of your hair up and work with the remaining hair. This will help achieve the smoothness around the head.

Step 3: After drying for a few minutes, if it isn't spiky enough you can add more mousse or hair spary. With this looking you want to spike it till you compfortable.