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Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.1

Bill and Fleur's Wedding

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Make-Up Guide

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What you will need:

Curling iron or hair rollers for wide waves
Hair pins

Step 1: To get Hermione's wide, loose waves, you have two options. One is to put your hair in medium-sized braids over night while it's slightly wet. The braids shouldn't be too small; perhaps two braids for all your hair will be enough.Come morning, your hair should look naturally wavy. Another option is to use a hot curling iron on your dry hair and decide on the size you want your waves to be.

Step 2: Part your hair from the middle of your left eyebrow. Don't use a brush to comb it, as the waves will lose shape; rather use your fingers if you need to untangle anything.

Step 3: Next, pull your hair half back and hold it with jewelled hair pinks or other small accessories matching your outfit. Make it loose, with some pieces of hair hanging over your ears and a bit of side bang.


Step 4: Once you are finished, set everything with hairspray.