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Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - July 3rd, 2009

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What you will need:
Wide Barreled Curling Iron
Three Hair Elastics
Styling Spray OR Hairspray

Step 1: Take clean hair and brush through, parting to the left.
Step 2: Separate two sections at the front of either side of your parting, pinning them forward out of the way of the rest of your hair. Take the hair that is still loose and, using a hair brush, brush back and secure with a hair band in to a low pony tail that sits slightly to the left side.
Step 3: Now, take the section of hair you separated on the right side and, starting from the top, twist it tightly back, keeping closely to the base of your neck. Once you have twisted enough to reach the pony tail you made earlier, use hair grips that match your hair colour to pin it above the pony tail tightly.
Step 4: Complete this twist step with the left section of hair you separated earlier. If you need to use more pins as you make your twist to keep it in place then do so.
Step 5: Use a large barreled curling iron to curl the hair tied back in the pony tail to create large loose curls.
Step 6: Spray generously with hairspray to keep in place.
thanks errol