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Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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What you will need:

Hair Elastic

In this additional deleted scene Hermione wore her hair in a classic french braid.

Step 1: Start with clean hair. You can braid your hair with either dry or wet hair. (If you form your braid with wet hair, you will have pretty waves when you take it out)
Brush your hair to get rid of any tangles and kinks. You want your braid to run down your neck and so you'll need to brush your hair from the the top of your forehead all the way down in a straight motion.

Step 2: Section your hair. Take a large chunk of hair from the top center of your head. The section of hair should be about 3-4 inches wide.

Step 3: Separate the section into strands. For a French braid you will need three strands. Separate them by running your fingers through the chunk you are holding and create three even strands. Make sure that none of the pieces is significantly larger or smaller than the other two.

Step 4: Take your three sections so that two strands are held in one hand, and the third strand is held in your opposite hand. Create a few rows of a regular braid by taking the strand on the right and crossing it over the center. Then take the strand from the left and cross it over the center.

Step 5: Incorporate in new hair. Continue this pattern of crossing strands diagonally over the center strand, but gradually begin incorporating other pieces of hair. Before you cross a strand over to the other side, grab another strand of hair from the loose pieces on the same side.

Step 6: When you have added in all your hair into the braid and you've reached the nape of your neck, continue the french braid as a regular braid (two sections of hair) until you reach the ends of your strands. Then, secure the braid with a ponytail.

Step 7: Spray your braid with hairspray and you're finished!